Uncover new insights.

For marketers looking for something new, we created the most innovative and flexible rapid-response consumer testing platform on the market today.

No other platform gives you such robust, in context learning so early in the brand development process

Put the voice of your consumer to work for you.

More than just the “what”

Uncovering the why behind.

Our innovative platform first observes shopping behavior, tracking our participants as they browse, hover, click and buy their way through our simulated (but extremely realistic) e-commerce and retail shelf environments.

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By The Numbers

Single-channel shopping is dead. Why choose a single-channel insights platform?


Omnichannel strategies generate 80% of in-store visits by customers (source: Think With Google)


Omnichannel customer retention rates are 90% higher than single channel (source: Adobe Analytics)


Purchase frequency is 250% higher for omnichannel vs. single channel (source: Omnisend)

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Omnichannel is the new normal

E-commerce meets app meets shelf.

Today’s consumers often choose more than one channel so we built our platform to work the same way.

Actionable Insights

Introducing the scorecard.

There’s no data-dump here unless you ask for it. At the end of the study, we distill our findings into a simplified and concise report that answers the deeper questions and delivers real insights.